This committee helps existing and new IAN members feel welcome & assists new naturalists to discover resources available to them.

  IAN's Mentoring Program

Heather Hucka

Story County Conservation

            56461 180th Street

            Ames, IA 50010

            Office phone:  515/232-2516

            Direct line: 515/598-4768

            Fax:  515/232-6989



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This program is to help new IAN members feel welcome to IAN and Iowa.  It is also to assist new naturalists in learning the county Conservation Board system, discover resources, and learn new techniques of Environmental Education. 

Guidelines for Mentors:
1. Inform mentee about Professional Standards
2. Inform mentee about Conferences
3. Inform mentee about program ideas that work for you
4. Inform mentee about places to order equipment from and/or possibility of borrowing equipment from your agency
5. Contact mentee once a month
6. Answer any questions they have to the best of your ability. Refer mentee to another person if question cannot be answered
7. Inform mentee about the Junior Naturalist Program
8. Inform mentee about the IAN $500 grant program
9. Inform mentee about the IAN scholarship program
10. Inform mentee about IAN Listserve

Mentee Resources:



                      Do's and Don'ts for Outdoor Programs

                      Keep it Cool

                      Common Iowa Abbreviations

       Age-appropriate Teaching:


                       Working with 7th and 8th graders

                       Age-Appropriate programs

                       Teaching Tips for Upper Elementary Students

                       Teaching Hints for the Early Years

IAN Suppliers
Ben Meadows
PO Box 5277
Janesville, WI 53547-5277
Phone: 800-241-6401
Fax: 800-628-2068
  Forestry Suppliers
PO Box 8397
Jackson, MS 39284-8397
Phone: 800-647-5368
Fax: 800-543-4203
  CrawDaddy Outdoors, LC
107 E. Bremer Ave. PO Box 5
Waverly, IA 50677
Phone: 319-352-9129
Acorn Naturalists
155 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780
Phone: 800-422-8886
Fax: 800-452-2802
Nature Watch
5312 Derry Ave. Ste. R
Agoura Hills, CA 91301-5004
Phone: 800-228-5816
Fax: 800-228-5814
Museum Products
84 Route 27
Mystic, CT O6355
Phone: 800-395-5400
Fax: 800-572-9589
Skulls Unlimited
10313 S. Sunnylane
Oklahoma City, OK 73160
Phone: 800-659-SKULL
Fax: 800-676-5459
  Triarco Arts & Crafts
14650 28th Ave. N
Plymouth, MN 55447
Phone: 800-328-3360
Fax: 763-559-2215

Davidson's Falconry

870 South Buhl Farm Drive

Hermitage, PA  16148

Phone: 724-877-0162




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