Display Swap

Nature Center need a change? Have some things you would be willing to loan out? This is the place to look! This page is designed for naturalists with displays to swap, loan, or receive. Contact naturalists directly for further details on their displays.

"Albino Animals - A Wildlife Rarity" OR "Star Wheel"

"Albino"- Mounted white tailed deer and red fox albinos with short text interpretive panel on albinism. Fox is mounted under plexi box and is 25” tall and 18” square. Deer is a standing full body mount in corner wall base approximately 5 1/2 feet from the corner on each side and 64” diagonally from the corner to the front edge of the display. 93” Plexi glass screen that we use to prevent touching is available – attaches to wall corners with wood at top and bottom. Best method of transportation is an enclosed trailer.


"Star wheel"- It is a large hands-on star wheel that was in our “nocturnal” room. It measures 4 ft square and about 3 inches deep and attaches to the wall with a top and bottom bracket.


Sondra Cabell
1883 125th Street
Hazleton, IA 50641


Albino Animal 1
Albino Animal 2
Albino Animal 1
Star Wheel 2

"We all need water, We all contribute, We all can help"

Description: There are three panels that focus on water quality and uses, issues-both urban and agriculture, and how we can help.

Dimensions: panels- 34 inches wide by 83 inches tall, they each fold down and fit into a canvas carrying case

Best method of transport: Can be picked up in a car as well as delivered to an IAN or similar meeting


Holly Thyer Schulte
Iowa DNR, Lake Macbride Fisheries Station
3475 HWY 382 NE
Solon IA 52333


Need Water 1
Need Water 2
Need Water 3
Need Water 4

Endangered Species Exhibit

Dully set up : Measures 6’ wide, 6.5’ tall and 3.5’ deep

Panels:    3’ wide x 6.5’ tall

Bobcat mount: 3.5’ tall x 3.5’ deep x 6’ wide

Includes all of the mounts, the back panels are hinged to lay flat for transport, smaller mounts have transport containers

Could be transported in a van with all of the seats down or a truck with topper


Jen or Jess
Jackson County Conservation
Hurstville Interpretive Center


Endangered Species
Endangered Species
Endangered Species
Endangered Species
Endangered Species