Iowa Association of Naturalists Grant Program


  1. The Iowa Association of Naturalists (IAN) will budget $500.00 annually (January - December) for members to pursue individual projects not covered by their work. Projects should focus on environmental education or topics that pertain to the job description of the individual applying. Projects may be of local, regional, state, or national significance.
  2. Must be an IAN member before applying.
  3. Grants will be awarded on a one-time basis to facilitate the initiation of a project. If additional funding is required to complete the project, the individual will inform the reviewing committee as to how the funds will be secured.
  4. Environmental grants will not be given to supplement previously existing funding sources.
  5. Grant applications will be accepted any time from January 1 to November 30. Any applications received after November 30 will be applied to the next calendar year. Grants will be addressed to the IAN president and the president will distribute copies to IAN ExCom members.
  6. Grants will be evaluated at the next scheduled IAN ExCom meeting. Applicants are welcome to voluntarily attend, and may be asked to attend if the ExCom feels that further explanation about the proposal is needed. The applicant will be notified of the decision following the meeting.
  7. Funding is available for purchasing, printing, and distributing of supplies, materials, curricula, etc. Grant money will not be available for salaries or stipends.
  8. Once approved, the project may not be changed. If the applicant chooses to change the request, he/she return all grant funds and submit a new project.
  9. Recipients of an IAN Grant will submit a summarized report upon completion of the project to the IAN ExCom. This report will include copies of all receipts, and a detailed breakdown of the project budget. This report is due one year after the date the grant was awarded. Any extension of the project length beyond one year must meet with prior approval of the IAN ExCom. Recipients will also write a short article about the grant project for the IAN newsletter The Web, to be submitted in the issue immediately following the awarding of the grant.
  10. Preference will be given to projects encouraging or promoting IAN goals and objectives.
  11. Project director will not financially profit from the project.
  12. IAN grant recipients must wait a year before receiving another IAN Grant.

Application Procedure:

  1. Applicants will submit a typed application with the information outlined below. Applicants may be required to attend an IAN ExCom to explain their project and its merits for funding.
  2. Applications should be sent to:
  3. Applications should contain the following information:
    1. Name and address of IAN member.
    2. Day and evening telephone numbers of applicant.
    3. Project title.
    4. Date of grant submission
    5. Total dollar amount of project and itemized budget (including other sources of funds).
    6. Total dollar amount requested from IAN.
    7. Estimated project length and expected date of completion.
    8. Signature of applicant.
    9. Project Narrative:
      1. Project summary and justification (250 words or less).
      2. Background information on the need for and intent of the project.
      3. Project goals and objectives and follow-up.
      4. Timeline and completion dates.
    10. References and/or letters of support for project.

For more information, contact The Executive committee: