IAN History

IAN Meetings and Outings The First Ten Years
     ~ Compiled by Mark Wagner, Jasper CCB

December Questionnaire sent to current Iowa naturalists by first employed Iowa naturalists, Mary Duritsa (Black Hawk County), Mike Gross (Jasper County), Loren McVey (Hamilton County), Wendy Meyer (now Zohrer, Iowa Conservation Commission, Springbrook), Curt Abdouch (Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids).


December 2 AIN (now NIA) regional meeting in Dubuque, Iowa at E.B. Lyons Nature Preserve. Hosted by Jim Rooks. An Iowa naturalist group was formed at this meeting, but no official name was chosen.

February 4 Meeting at Camp EWALU during a teacher workshop. First official meeting of Iowa naturalist group. Official name of Iowa Association of Naturalists was chosen. In attendance at the organizational meeting were: Mary Duritsa, Deanna Wood, Karen Dettman, Paul Smith, Bob Bryant, Maura O'Conner, Sue Stein, Larry Totton, Lee Lee, Deb Quade, Sharon Davis, Diane Mayes, Wendy Meyer, Betsy Paragamian, Mark Wagner, and Laurie Williams. Sylvan Runkel was made an honorary lifetime member.

First officers were: Mary Duritsa - president, Mark Wagner - vice president, Lee Lee - secretary-treasurer.

June 25 Swiss Valley Nature Center in Dubuque. Hosted by Bob Walton.  IAN Spring meeting.

Sept. 29-30 Camp EWALU.  ICEC Workshop. Fall IAN meeting.

March Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids and Deaton Museum Studios in Newton. Hosted by Rich Patterson and Mark Wagner. Spring meeting workshop on displays and silk screening. IAN logo window decals were made.

June 24-25 Jester Park, Polk County. Hosted by Larry Totton. IAN Summer Outing.

October 12 Springbrook, ICEC teacher workshop. Unofficial IAN meeting was held at this workshop.

November 12 Hartman Reserve Nature Center, Cedar Falls. Hosted by Mary Duritsa. Fall IAN meeting.

March 3-5 Springbrook. IAN workshop was in conjunction with Iowa Association of County Conservation Board Employees (IACCBE) workshop. IAN Spring meeting.

June 28-30 Wisconsin River canoe trip. IAN Summer Outing. Host Lee Lee.

November 7-8 Scott County Park, near Davenport. IAN Fall meeting.

March 26-27 Springbrook. AIN Regional workshop and IAN Spring meeting.

June 26-27 Indian Creek Nature Center. Hosted by Rich Patterson and Linn County Conservation Board. Summer Outing on Cedar Valley Trail.

November 6-7 Salisbury Ridge Nature Center, Muscatine County. Hosted by Rose Simonis. IAN Fall meeting. New officers elected:  Mark Wagner - pres., Gail George - V.P., Debi Keller Sec./Treas., Rich Patterson - newsletter editor.


March 26-27 Lake Meyer Nature Center, Winneshiek County. Hosted by Dave Oestmann. IAN Spring meeting and exploration of Cold Water Cave.

June 25-26 Hickory Hills Park, Warren County. Hosted by Margaret Kuchenreuther. IAN Summer outing and visit to Thunder Hills Prairie.

November 12-13 Swiss Valley Nature Center, Dubuque. Hosted by Bob Walton. IAN Fall meeting and tour of the Dubuque Riverboat Museum.

March 26-27 Starr's Cave Nature Center, Burlington. Hosted by Gail George.IAN Spring meeting and workshop.

August 18-19 Eden Valley Nature Center, Clinton and Jackson Counties.  Hosted by Larry Dolphin. Summer Outing and caving at Maquoketa Caves State Park.

November 9-10 Saylorville Lake and Desoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge.  Hosted by Danielle Wirth. IAN Fall meeting and tours of both areas. New IAN officers elected: Gail George -Pres., Larry Dolphin - V.P., Vern Fish - Sec./Treas., Joe Halbur - newsletter.

March 22-23 Jasper County Courthouse. Hosted by Mark Wagner. Spring meeting and visit to Deaton Museum Studios, Wagaman Mill, and Ashton Astronomical Observatory.

August 17-18 Backbone State Park and Manchester Trout Hatchery. IAN Summer Outing and mountaineering at Backbone Park.

November 8-9 Indian Creek Nature Center, Cedar Rapids. Hosted by Rich Patterson. IAN Fall meeting And visit to the "Iowa Hall" at the University of Iowa.

March 15-16 Lime Creek Nature Center, Mason City. Hosted by Jim Heintzman. IAN Spring meeting.

August 23-24 Loess Hills, Onawa. Hosted by Sydney Hime. IAN Summer Outing.

November 14-15 Hartman Reserve Nature Center, Cedar Falls. Hosted by Mary Duritsa and Vern Fish. IAN Fall meeting. IAN Officers elected for 1986: Bob Walton - Pres., Vern Fish - V.P., Bryan Pierce - Sec., Diane Pixler - Treas., Joe Halbur - newsletter.

March 10-12 Springbrook. IAN Spring meeting hosted in conjunction with the IACCBE Spring workshop.

August 15-16 Osborne Nature Center, Clayton County. Hosted by Karen Mytas (now Newbern). IAN Summer Outing and canoe trip on the Turkey River.

November 13-14 Delaware County Nature Center. Hosted by Betsy Paragamian.  IAN Fall meeting and tour of Manchester Trout Hatchery.

April 2-4 Springbrook. AIN Regional workshop. IAN Spring meeting.

July 30-31 Living History Farm, Des Moines. IAN Summer Outing and life in the 1850's.

November 12-13 Warren County Nature Center. Hosted by Paul Regnier. IAN Fall Meeting and workshop. IAN officers elected: Vern Fish - Pres., Kathleen Harris Regnier - V.P., Cele Burnett- Sec., Betsy Paragamian- Treas., Joe Halbur- newsletter.

March 17-18 Johnson County. IAN Spring meeting, workshop, and tour of the "Iowa Hall" on the University of Iowa. This was the IAN tenth anniversary meeting.

July 21-23 Mississippi River, IAN Summer Outing. Prairie Du Chein, Wisconsin to Dubuque in commemoration of the 200 year anniversary of the arrival of Julien Dubuque by the same route.

November 16-18 Starr's Cave Nature Center, Burlington. Hosted by Sharon Kaufman. IAN Fall meeting and workshop.